I love a good card reading. In fact, I invest in Card Readings often, whether that be Oracle Decks, Angel Decks, Totem Decks or Tarot Decks, I love having my intuition talk to me through cards. But as much as I love having someone else read my cards, what I love even more is reading my own cards. I am now a seasoned card reader, but that wasn't always the case. So here are my easy-to-follow steps on how to read your own cards:

  1. Choose a deck that you resonate with (something that feels good - I don't recommend you jump straight into Tarot, as Tarot takes some studying before you can identify with each of the cards)
  2. If it's a brand new deck, you have to do an initiation ceremony. You take each card in the deck and hold it close to your heart for a moment, one by one. It is important that you touch every card. You then fan the cards out and use a sage stick to cleanse and clear any stagnant energy that may have come from the production process. You introduce yourself to the cards, announcing that you will be working through them. Be friends with your cards.
  3. Before each reading, hold your deck, face down in your non-dominant hand, then with your dominant hand in a fist, tap three times on the deck. This clears any energy that may have been lingering in the deck from a previous reading (of either yourself or someone else).
  4. Make sure to run your fingers along each card, building that connection, fan out the cards, hold them close to your heart and repeat, "Thank you Divine Guidance, I ask that all of my readings with these cards be accurate, specific and bring blessings to everyone involved. Please allow me to hear, see and feel the Divine Messages being brought to me through these cards. And please show me what I need now. Let this reading be of love and serve the highest good of everyone involved." You can edit this prayer/affirmation to suit your style, but this is a great place to start. You can also ask a specific question following your prayer, so you can get a specific answer if you don't want just a general reading.
  5. As you repeat this prayer, feel (visualise) your energy flowing through the cards. Your mind should be solely focused on your energy field and the way in which your higher self will reveal messages through the cards.
  6. When you feel intuitively ready, start shuffling the cards. As you do this, you may find that some cards start jumping out, if they do put them to the side. These cards were magnets to your energy field.
  7. There are 2 ways that I pull cards. Sometimes I feel pulled to certain cards as I'm shuffling, and so I pull them out. The cards have a magnetic pull and almost feel heavier, as though they need to come out. Alternatively, once you feel ready to stop shuffling, you can fan out your cards on a flat surface, and see which cards you are drawn to and pull them out. You cannot get this part wrong, the right cards will ALWAYS come through. Once I decided to use a new deck, I shuffled and 3 cards came out. I thought I knew better and didn't feel the cards resonated with me, and so I put them back, shuffled again, and those same 3 cards came out. Your energy will draw out the cards it needs to.
  8. Once you have your cards revealed, turn them over and use the guide book to understand the messages better. Over time your skills will develop, that when you see the card, your intuition will start feeding you messages that connect with the card. Like feelings, images, words, people that connect with the messages. Trust your gut during this step. How does the image make you feel? What thoughts come to mind? Note, that the messages aren't always what you want to hear, so make sure that your ego doesn't try to change the interpretation of the card.
  9. After your reading, always thank the cards for gracing you in this way and playing with you. Card Decks are tools to help us connect with the Divine. That doesn't mean that you can't connect with the Divine at all times, because you can, but they are a tool that helps you strengthen your connection.

Happy Readings <3



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