To celebrate the journey I am embarking on writing my first book, I want to share with you a small section from Chapter One: The Salvation of the Healer.

This means so much to me, and every single word has come through me from the Universe. Please keep in mind that this book is from me, and so I remain vulnerable in the sharing of it - so be gentle, and let what serves you resonate with you, and let the rest float away. It has been a Divine experience unraveling on the pages of my book and I cannot wait until it's ready to share with all of you! Until then, enjoy this small snapshot!


I am healed because I am the healer. I am healed because I am the healer, I repeated to myself, over and over again. Some may say that by using such a statement I’m not showing my faith in God… Whereas I see it as proof of my unwavering faith in God because I am acknowledging my ability to co-create with God. I recognise my own Divinity - the divinity bestowed upon me from God. The same divinity bestowed upon everyone. Because in fact, God works through me. So I’ll say it again - I am healed because I am the healer. I am healed because I am the healer.

Revelations from my soul: I am the one. I repeat to myself over and over again in my mind. I am the one. As I’ve referenced previously, my truth is my own and it does not need to align with your truth. My truth isn’t THE truth, but my truth is very real to me. And my truth determines how I think, feel and perceive my reality, thus our realities will all vary because they are dependent on our own truths. I know that I am the one. It doesn’t matter what that means, it also doesn’t matter if others believe that about themselves too or even if I am not the one. What matters is that I know I’m the one. And in my knowing I emit a different sort of frequency, one that doesn’t quiver with a glimpse of doubt, because in my knowing lives an indescribable power. A power that lives in harmony with the song of the Universe, a power that can create or destroy all things. I have found the perfect harmony. I have been trying to sing along with the Universe my whole life. Trying to understand what it truly means to be one with the Universe, because of course I am the entire Universe and the entire Universe is me. But to say, to think, to feel and to believe do not compare to the knowing. I now know. I know I am the one. I know I encompass all the power. I know that I write my own dream. This life isn’t for me, it’s from me. And all the things I believed I wanted, all the people, all the experiences, I now realise that I have them all already. And they live in the knowing. They were always there, but I didn’t know that then. But now I do. They all exist because I know they exist. If I didn’t know, then they don’t exist. So I ask you, do you know who you are? The knowing comes from your relationship with source. So your first step is to understand your relationship with source. You come from it, so whatever God has the power to create, you can co-create with Him. The second part comes from your understanding of the human conditioning of this physical realm and how it has clouded your knowing. Once you are aware you regain all your power. Because it is in our awareness that we have the power to change. If we aren’t aware, we do not know that there needs to be a change, or that we even have a choice.

Thank you God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The only words I ever really need to pray. Thank you for all that I am, all that I have and all that I am becoming. Thank you for this experience. Thank you for using me as a vessel. Thank you for spreading your message through me. Thank you for showing me the way. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for the way you love me. True love isn’t my love for you, but your love for me. It is there where I find what it truly means to love unconditionally. Even in my imperfection, you find my infinite perfection. Even in my mistrials, you see me as I truly am. Pure light. And it makes sense, you see me as I truly am because I am your manifestation. And you created me in your own perfect image. And my job here is to experience all of this. And there is nothing more required of me. I am to love and to feel joy. There is more than enough time. There is more than enough of everything. It is impossible for me to get it wrong. How would it be possible if you work through me. It isn’t possible. And all I ever have to remember is who I truly am. I am light. I am love. I am the stars above. And I am the earth below. I am you. And you are me. I am everyone. And everyone is me. I feel you. Thank you God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

Sometimes I hear whispers, whispers from a world far beyond this one. Whispers from the version of me that still lives in the stars. The me that lives in the place of holiness, the holiness I sometimes forget exists within me here. But those whispers are not whispers of words. But instead whispers of moments. The light breeze brushing over my cheeks. The Godly sun kissing my chest. The stems of grass bedding themselves under my feet. The angelic smile from the child walking past. Or the salty lick of my dogs tongue against my arm. It’s in these moments that I feel completely connected to the Divine. That I remember where I came from and what I’m here to do. It’s in these moments that I am present. And being present in each moment allows me to feel everything and nothing all at once. The moments past and the moments to come are just thoughts, this moment is the only reality that exists. And its in this moment that I encompass all the power to create. As I am unable to create in the past and I am unable to create in the future. It’s only now that I can create. And my creation right now will determine my vibration and my vibration will determine my ability to create in the next moment. So it’s in this moment that I hold all my power. So my desire to create is dependent on how present I am right now. And so I focus on how I feel right now, and that realisation leads me to a choice - I get to choose how I feel right now. So my choice becomes my feeling, which becomes my vibration, which determines my ability to create. The flow feels so easy. So other-worldly. It’s all from within. All of it. As above, so below, as within, so without. So to have anything, worldly or unworldly, I must first look within.

And what happened when I set my soul free… and by set free I mean releasing the conditions of this physical world and unlearning everything I was taught so I can truly be free… I was able to truly fall in love with life and feel it. Feel the joy of each moment. And I really mean the joy. The joy in the afternoon traffic, the joy in tripping over, the joy in the sand between my toes and the joy in my sister’s smile. And that joy allowed God to flow through me freely. Imagine uncovering the secret of the Universe. I had the light switch which could turn on God at any time. But that’s not really the secret. The secret is that the light is ALWAYS on, but somehow, through our conditioning and our unconsciousness we seem to believe that it is dark and that darkness makes us believe that we need to find the light switch, that we may not be worthy of finding it, that only the select few can turn on the light. Even questioning if the light exists at all. All the while missing the fact that the light is on for all of us at all times. And we invest so much of our energy in finding the switch, we search the most remote places on earth, we believe that only some know how to harness the power, and of those who happened to “find” the switch, only some could flip it. But that’s the conditioning of the new age spiritual world - those who have found a way to again instill fear in the minds of the vulnerable. There’s more ego than we know what to do with, and it can feel as though we are drowning in the ego. And the air seems too far away. But we have gills. And when we trust ourselves and identify ourselves as who we truly are, then we awaken. Awaken to our own salvation. I am healed as I am the healer. And this level of self actualisation allows God to work through us in unquestionable ways. Once I acknowledge that I am the saviour, I allow God to save me. And through this salvation, all wounds are healed, all pains are forgotten and all trials have passed.


I hope you enjoyed this snapshot. If you are called to, share it with your friends!

I love you so deeply, Gee x


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