Hello angels,

So I just shared this quote on Instagram:

“Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking”
- Khalil Gibran

And this was my caption that followed:

Amen! And faith isn’t about fixation on one truth. Faith is faith in my awareness of self. And once I am aware of self, and align with the Law of Divine Oneness, I am aware of all and nothing is limited in infinity. The logical conscious mind will always be limited. But if you tap into your heart space and your intuition, you begin to discover all that is. And more so, all that you are yet to see, and all that you will not see in this 3 Dimensional experience. Because even as we collectively move into 5D consciousness (I will share my opinion in this another time), there are many faces of the truth that remain inaccessible to us because they are not necessary for our purpose on this plane and only when we have reached the 6th Dimension and higher will we have access. I’ve noticed many lately are feeling as though there is so much to know and they expel a lot of energy trying to take in as much as they can. This isn’t necessary. When you go back to stillness, you remember that as you are connected to the collective consciousness, even when you’re not consciously aware, the information is stored within you, so your higher self, will guide you. You are of the all-knowing and simultaneously here so that the all-knowing can know itself and it’s infinite expressions better. Have faith that you know enough already, and whatever more you need will find you. Let your self be your biggest exploratory adventure.


I’ve been reading The Ra Material. I started studying The Ra Material many years ago, but finally wanted to read The Law of One Material in its entirety. I feel an incredible level of resonance as I read this material. One thing that has always come through for me when it comes to “wisdom” through channeling is that God always says to me “it is not necessary for you to know”. And I believe Him. There are things that aren’t necessary for our expansion here on this plane, and the knowing of them won’t serve me here and now. And whatever will be serving comes to me easily and effortlessly, because I am already in alignment with it and have called for it in this time and space.

Many clients come to me with the same concern, “where do I start and how can I manage this volume of information”. My first instruction is always, stop consuming, let’s focus on tapping in instead. When you’re new to this world, you want to dive head first and completely immerse yourself, like a kid in a candy store, you want three of everything. But the further along you wander, you realise that when you tap into your intuition, it will always tell you what information will be most serving and even where to get it. The stuff I am learning now, 20 year old Gee wouldn’t have been able to contain. She wasn’t far enough on her journey yet. And I also know that the things 40 year old Gee will consume, present Gee isn’t ready for. There is no hurry in infinity and eternity. I have forever. Everyone is in a hurry to evolve, but we don’t have to be in a hurry, because the moment we hurry, we are resisting, because energetically we are telling God that His Divine Plan is restricted by a time limit. You are planting seeds now that you will reap the fruits in future lifetimes. I am planting seeds now that will provide shelter to my kids kids kids. The “I want it here and now” is of the limited ego. (Yes, the ego is also of the One Source, because nothing is separate from it, but nonetheless it’s a subjective limited perception of what is infinite because we can’t fully understand the infinite from this plane of existence).

All you need to know now is that you have everything you need and you are safe in your unconscious knowing of all that is.

I love you, Gee x

Blessings abound <3



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