Hello angels,

Alignment precedes everything… even now.

Alignment precedes everything.

I’ve been saying this to my clients forever. So much so, that those of them who are teachers, now say it to their clients.

Only love is real. And anything that isn’t love is unreal. It’s just an illusion. It’s the resistance to love.

And although alignment precedes everything, it is not the first step.

The first step in self-awareness.
Being aware of self, is the ability to observe your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, inclinations, affiliations, biases, prejudices, judgements, feelings, and know that they are the product of this 3 Dimensional experience. That is self-awareness. It is to know that they are constructs of this plane of existence, but they are not who you are. Who you are is absolute. Who you are is love. That will not ever change. But who you are here and now has been the product of a series of choices, often unconscious choices, that have you present yourself in this world.

Especially now, the dialogue online and within your communities is loud. So much so, that for many it feels chaotic. And because the dialogue is highly emotional (for reference, that emotion is valid), it can lead to disconnect between you and your intuition. We feel pulled to feel certain feelings, to think certain thoughts and to align with certain perspectives. This is artificial alignment. But true alignment (with God) precedes everything.

I have spent the last week being incredibly vocal about my views and perspectives. I have spent years sharing alternative narratives, trying to represent silenced voices and sharing content that is serving. However, I too, have felt the overwhelm that is being imposed by the world right now. And it just wasn’t sitting right with me. And so I did what I know to do. I went directly to God.

I meditated. What would God say about this? How can I see through the eyes of God?

And I received exactly the messages I needed to hear. Reminding me about the Divinity of all things. The revelations are personal to me and are not for collective interpretation, so I won’t share them here.

But what I do want to say, is that you do not ever have to be afraid of what feels like alignment to you.
You will shift, evolve and open your mind to new perspectives everyday.
Dialogue is healthy, important and necessary. But it can simultaneously be destructive and abusive.
You should feel safe aligning with some perspectives and not others. Just because someone is advocating for the same result, does not mean the means of that expression aligns with you personally.
No one is wrong. And I know that people don’t want to hear that, and will even criticise that. But I see the bigger picture. No one is wrong. And no one should be told they are wrong. Which means that no one can deny me and my truth either. However, do not wait for validation. Do not wait for others to tell you you’re doing a good job or that they see you or that they agree. Because your expression will never align with everyone. But do not let that discourage you to use your voice.

You’ve heard me say this many times. Contrast is serving. It leads to the planting of a seed of desire. Which then calls me to align with that desire and water it and nurture it and allow it the room to grow.

We are witnessing the contrast. And I acknowledge that my white privilege allows me to use language like “witnessing”, where for black people right now, they don’t have the luxury of witnessing from afar, as they are living the contrast. But contrast is serving. This contrast is planting seeds of desire, and we (white people) can be allies by nurturing the seeds being planted. That is our role. How can I create safe and conducive environments for black seeds of desire to grow? When I come back to a place of service and love and not of judgment and critique, I remember who we are.

The spiritual dialogue is not to be dismissed when conversations of injustice are being presented. Instead, it’s my innate spiritual understanding that allows me to hear the voices of those who I have unconsciously ignored my whole life. It’s my spiritual understandings, that allow me to reframe my beliefs and align with the growth and evolution of those seeds.

Black Lives Matter isn’t a movement, it is absolute. Black Lives Matter Period. We don’t need to question, analyse and dissect the desire. We instead need to align with how that looks moving forward and what role we can individually play in making sure that those trees thrive. And your individual role is highly personal. Tap into your intuition to guide you on how you can actively get involved in the necessary shifts. Our roles are not all the same.

I had someone say to me that I should be protesting to show my solidarity. This is ego, this is not spirit. This is “my truth is the truth and you need to align with my truth” culture. No one sees reality through your experience. And my perception of this world does not discount anyone else’s perception.

There’s a lot of “this is what you should be doing”, “you’re doing it wrong”, “say this”, “you shouldn’t say that”, etc.
Do not allow anyone to take you away from your own alignment. Because when you are in alignment, I promise you that you will not need anyone telling you what you should or shouldn’t say. The dialogue will be organic, your soul will know exactly what to say, how to say it and how you can get involved.

Fear, violence, abuse, judgement, and anger are serving as catalysts. But do not fixate on them. But know that if others choose to fixate on them, you cannot deny them of that experience. It is theirs to experience.

There is one absolute truth, which none of us know for certain, but each of us are trying to interpret that absolute truth.

I acknowledge my white privilege that has offered me luxuries that I will never fully recognise.
I am doing what I can to ask myself the uncomfortable questions so that I can do better to nurture the environment so that black voices are being heard.
I acknowledge that the desire for change needs to match my willingness to be a part of that change. And I accept that responsibility.
I am questioning the narrative that is being projected. By everyone. And I am coming back to God to guide me to the light and to love, even if that means moving through the darkness first.
I acknowledge that not everyone will agree with how I am moving through the contrast, and I am ok with that, because I know that only I need to align with it.
I know that love is all and we are one body. And if part of that one body is experiencing perceived pain and contrast, then the whole body feels it. When your arm is bleeding, you don’t ignore it, suppress it, oppress it, until it goes away. You tend to its urgent call for help, support and healing. And so to move as love is to acknowledge that part of my body is in pain and needs me to focus upon it. But I choose to focus on how I can love it, care for it and make it better, I will not focus or fixate on the pain (and the byproducts of that pain).

This is how I am showing up.
And I call you to take a step back, delete the apps if you need to (I know I needed to for a while), go inward and ask yourself (your higher self) for guidance. And when you hear the calls, take the action that feels aligned to you.

The way I excercise my free will is divinely guided. And all of our individual expressions are necessary and are connected to the web.

We are but one body, one heart, one voice. No part of you wants to deny itself. If I deny the voice of another, I deny myself. I deny God within them.

You know the way.
You are safe (not necessarily on the physical plane, but always in infinity).

Alignment isn’t just for when it’s convenient, it has to precede everything always.

I love you, Gee x

Blessings abound <3


For more information on things you can do to contribute to the anti-racism dialogue, click here.



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