Program Services Agreement for all programs purchased from Grigoria Kritsotelis.

THIS AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), is entered into on the date of enrolment,
by and between Grigoria Kritsotelis (ABN 56 177 969 810 (“Grigoria”) of 58 Wattle Drive, Hillside 3037 in the State of Victoria and; you (the “Client”) (collectively, the “Parties”).

The Client and Grigoria agree as follows:

1. The Services.

As part of the group coaching services, Grigoria will: deliver the program you enrolled inover the span of the assigned weeks.

This will be done by:

A. Weekly group teaching calls via Zoom (or otherwise specified in program details)
B. Lifetime access to all the recordings at no additional cost or fees to the client.

The Client may be asked to reflect on difficult topics or situations which may result in an expression of emotions.

Throughout the working relationship, Grigoria will engage in direct and personal conversations with Client and the other group participants. The Client understands that successful coaching requires a co-active collaborative approach between Client and coach. In the coaching relationship, the coach plays the role of a facilitator of change, but it is Client's responsibility to enact or bring about the change.

2. Client Requirements.

The Client agrees to provide the following items in the timeframe stated:

A. Client requirement one: provide any required intake info requested
B. Client requirement two: read over and agree to this services agreement.
C. Client requirement three: establish communication line with Grigoria Kritsotelis through WhatsApp platform.
D. Client requirement four: Interact with the activities outlined in the WhatsApp Group or in the program materials.

3. Compensation and Payment.

A. Set up Fee: There is no fee for the initial meeting and the investment for the ensuing meetings and selected program is outlined on the sales page or communicated via a direct message to client. These fees will be paid in advance of the program’s first session. Alternatively, this may be paid in monthly instalments if agreed upon by Grigoria Kritsotelis. If the Client needs to miss a container session Client will have access to replays of the sessions within 24-48 hours to watch on Client’s own time.

4. Prior History

The Client also agrees to disclose details of the past or present psychological or psychiatric treatment. Coaching and counselling are not the same. Likewise, therapy and other modes of professional or medical psychological examination shall not be considered equivalent to the program described herein. Grigoria does not act as a registered psychologist or psychiatrist, nor is Grigoria Kritsotelis a licensed therapist. Grigoria Kritsotelis does not engage in therapy with the Clients. In entering into the coaching program relationship, and accepting the terms in this agreement, the Client is agreeing that if any mental health difficulties arise during the course of the coaching relationship, the Client will notify Grigoria immediately so that Grigoria can discuss with Client an appropriate referral.

5. Confidentiality

All information about the The Parties relationship will remain strictly confidential except in very rare circumstances where decreed by Law; ie. where the court might issue a subpoena for the file or information. Exceptions to confidentiality of course relate to circumstances such as intent to seriously harm someone, child abuse, thoughts of suicide etc. Otherwise, all remaining information is kept confidential.

6. Ownership of Materials.

Grigoria shall retain the creative rights to all original materials, data and similar items, produced by Grigoria hereunder in connection with the Services under this agreement. All services and content in the program used by Grigoria shall at all times be the sole property of Grigoria and under no circumstances shall Client have any interest in or rights to the title to such program materials, or documents, this includes the collective channels where the client contributes to the call. The Client acknowledges that Grigoria may use and modify existing materials for Client’s benefit and that Client holds no rights to such materials.

7. Limitation of Liability.

Coaching is a service that provides personal coaching to specific individuals and/or groups, in this case, specific to helping the client transform their life with the ultimate reframe of spiritual principals. The Client is aware that coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Grigoria will at all times exercise their best professional efforts, skills and care of ensuring Grigoria’s client is coached to meet their goals, The Client understands and acknowledges the coach will not be liable legally or otherwise, for the actions the Client may or may not undertake as a result of the coaching sessions. No assumption of responsibility is made, or given, and the Client requesting such advice agrees not to hold Grigoria responsible or liable in any form or fashion, for such actions taken of their own accord. The method and process by which this advice and direction are given in no manner whatsoever, written or verbal, constitutes an agreement or liability on the part of the provider and is acknowledged to be different in many ways than clinical and medical counselling. The Client agrees that, in the event Grigoria is determined to be liable for any such loss, the Client's sole remedy against Grigoria is limited to a refund of payments made by Client for said Services, less expenses paid to subcontractors or to third parties. The Client also agrees to not seek damages in excess of the contractually agreed upon limitations directly or indirectly through suits by or against other parties. Grigoria shall not be liable to Client for any costs, damages or delays due to causes beyond their control, expressly including without limitation, unknown site characteristics; changes in policies, changes in terms of services.

8. No Guarantee.

Grigoria does not warrant or guarantee any specific level of transformation or spiritual mastery results. Example of results obtained for other clients of The Company may be used as a marketing tool and shown to Client for demonstrative purposes only and should not be construed by Client as indicating any promised results or level of results.

9. Severability.

If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be fully severable, and this Agreement shall be construed and enforced as if such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision had never comprised a part of this
Agreement, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

By signing up to any of Grigoria's programs, the parties hereby understand and agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement.