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A course about learning to love food and your body again


Imagine being in love with your body. Looking in the mirror and being in awe of the person looking back at you. Feeling completely connected to your body. Finally having a Mind Body connection that feels right, that doesn't feel like an act.

This is how I did it...


I have a long history of a love/hate relationship with food and my body. I have struggled through binge eating, starving myself, food obsession (counting every single calorie and eating as little as 700 calories a day), over exercise and body dysmorphia.

The truth is that when I was young I was often teased for being “fat”. And I really hated that word. It felt like the worst insult I could ever hear. And growing up I just got used to being the “fat” one, the one who was never noticed, never taken seriously. When I was around 16/17, I came across some weight loss tablets and started taking them (religiously). I didn’t really change my eating habits (although the tablets did suppress hunger for a while) and was maybe going to the gym 1-2 times a week for no more than 30 minutes. I was on the tablets for probably 5-6 years! I lost a considerable amount of weight at first. I remember being in Year 12 and it was the first time I was really being noticed because people were seeing my body change. It felt good at first. But like most weight loss tablets, they are a quick fix and are not sustainable, so for the next 6 years my body yo-yod, each time fluctuating around 10 kilograms up or down. I was not healthy. The tablets actually caused me to have a lot of intestinal issues, issues that have now become chronic, due to my extended use of the tablets. I was severely constipated, always thirsty, this caused really bad breath, terrible skin reactions, and a very unhealthy relationship with food. During this period, there was no “healthy eating”, I wasn’t over eating, but I was making mostly unhealthy choices. A typical day would include, a toasted cheese and tomato croissant from Uni for breakfast, a hot chocolate as a snack, a salami and olive focaccia for lunch and usually a few chocolate bars for dinner. Not sustainable, little nutrients, and not at all good for my own well-being.




I was no longer seen as “fat”, because I had a relatively slim body at this stage of my life (around the age of 21). My body would still fluctuate, but not as drastically. Then as life usually goes, when you start hanging with certain people, you take on their habits. And I was no exception. Growing up I never really ate much McDonalds or other take outs, but now all of a sudden I was consuming it on the regular. I recall driving to work (my part time job at the time) and before even getting to work (I worked the evening shift), I would stop at McDonalds for a large chocolate or caramel sundae, and large fries, and I would also have a few chocolate bars. Then dinner, and usually on the way home I would stop for a cheeseburger. Looking back I see a girl in so much pain, unsure how to love herself, absolutely disconnected with her body, having no mind body connection and having no guidance from the people around her.

A few years later, a good friend of mine encouraged me to start getting into fitness. I started going to the gym more regularly, and for a while I noticed some really great improvements. For a while… I still had no mind body connection and I still made bad food choices, although at this stage, I had started to add a few healthier choices to my menu.

Fast forward a few years more, and my sister had started getting into fitness, and finally I had someone to keep me accountable. So I started going 4 times a week, every single week. My sister, on her own journey, lost over 25 kilograms, and that was inspiration enough for me. Together we started making really great food choices, eating really healthy and we had increased our gym attendance to 5 days per week. This is where I started to have a relationship with food. This turned into an obsession. Which was the beginning of my love/hate relationship with my body and with food. I wasn’t counting calories at this point, but I was obsessed. If even a grain of rice was on my plate, I wouldn’t eat it. Absolutely no carbs. Our meals were, protein shakes, salad and chicken or tuna for lunch and the same for dinner. We would allow ourselves 1 cheat meal per week. And it could only be something small. This is where my history of restriction came. Of course after a while, I got tired of the restrictiveness and wanted a more substantial “cheat meal” and so I started making it a cheat day, and absolutely bingeing on all the treats I desired, because in my mind I knew I would deprive myself of them until the next week. Here’s a run down of a typical cheat day. I would usually have a normal breakfast of toast or cereal. Followed by a lunch that was usually two toasties with cheese and salami. Then I would end the evening off with a souvlaki, a whole tub of vanilla and cookies and cream ice-cream, smothered with nutella, pods, cookies, and chocolate cake. And usually add a block of cookies and cream chocolate, a king size kit kat and a king size twix. Do you see the problem here? And I did this consistently for maybe 2 years.




I then started becoming obsessed with food. I would spend most of my time watching food videos, planning my cheat days, and everything revolved around food. I stopped spending time with friends because the other six days I was eating very very “clean” and I could in no way go out for a meal, and the cheat day was something I had planned the whole week, so I couldn’t “waste” it on a meal that wasn’t on my list for the week. After a while I saw that my patterns were becoming dangerous for my well-being. I realised it when, I would stay up until 3am looking at “food porn” and realised that my relationship with food was really unhealthy. And so I decided to adopt my sister’s approach which was just to eat mostly healthy (80%) of the time and sometimes include treats (20%) of the time. This worked for a little while, until I realised that I had no self-control around my “small treats” and they became big treats.

Generally though, I was looking good and feeling better. My well-being was improving. It was around this time that my sister and I started eliminating certain foods from our diets. We stopped eating most dairy (feta cheese and Greek Yoghurt were the exception), and the only meat we consumed was tuna, chicken and salmon. I’d consume red meat only on special occasions. I never really liked eggs, so hardly ever consumed them. This was good for a while. Still mostly eating healthy and enjoying small treats when desired.

After more and more elimination, and a few documentaries, we realised that we really wanted to adopt a vegan way of life. How were we almost there, but not quite, just for a few meals. So we made the decision to go vegan July 1 2016. We noticed the changes very very quickly. But of course our way of eating had to change. We were used to eating protein and salad for most meals, but on a vegan diet, that wasn’t sustainable, so we started incorporating more carbohydrates to provide us with the energy we needed. I should mention that at this point, we were training 6-7 days a week, no exceptions. So, although my body was starting to feel amazing, and I had so much more energy, my bowels were working better than they had ever worked before, I did notice that I was gaining a little bit of weight. But it was ok, because I was in a really good place and happy with my lifestyle.

But, as my history with food and my body suggests from this story, this feeling didn’t last long. I wanted to lose some weight again. And so I incorporated a healthier menu along with the same fitness regime.

Fast forward a few months and I had booked my ticket to Europe. I was so excited for my trip. I had been wanting this for so long. But I had a goal that I wanted to “pre-lose” weight so that on my trip I could indulge in all the yummy food. And so I decided to start counting my calories. I want to acknowledge this moment right now - this was the beginning to the worst time of my life, in relation to my relationship with food and my body. I started off with 1800 calories a day. Sustainable, slow progress, good food, lots of energy, but I wasn’t seeing the results I desired. And so I lowered my calories to 1600 per day. A little better. Sticking to my calories religiously. If I wanted a treat that was 1000 calories, then I would only eat an additional 600 calories for the day. Slowly I transitioned to 1400 calorie days. I told no one this. I kept it all to myself. My family saw the way I calculated every single gram of food, but I assured them that it was temporary and only for my upcoming vacation. At this point I was also eliminating EVERYTHING. I believed that everything was making me feel “sick” and I ended up eating mostly lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and oats. I was seeing progress but I wanted more of it. And so I transitioned to 1200 calorie days. I never lowered them on the app after this, but every day I would try and be under for the day. At first 100 calories under was the goal, then 200 under, then it became 400-500 under. Some days I was eating no more than 700 calories. I was still working out 6-7 days a week. I had lost a considerable amount of weight. Everyone around me was worried. I NEVER went out with friends. If I did, it would be for a tea only. I became obsessed with food again, because I was depriving myself so much. There was no bingeing, no cheat meals, maybe once every few weeks I would “not calculate my calories”, but then the next day starve myself again. I was really unhappy. I was hurting. I was crying inside. And no amount of weight loss seemed to be enough. A month before I was due to leave for Europe, I came to realise what I was doing to myself, everyone around me was telling to stop losing weight, I would go to bed so so hungry and wake up ready to pass out again from the hunger. It’s the only period in my life that I would sleep early just so I could wake up faster and eat. I knew I was on the path to anorexia. This is when my body dysmorphia came to life. I knew I was losing weight, I knew I was thin, people were telling me how thin I was, and yet when I looked in the mirror all I could see was someone who had fat to lose. I didn’t know how I was going to break out of this cycle. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through. But I assured myself that I would “go back to normal” in Europe. But when I look back at my history, I didn’t even know what normal was. And so, the day before I left, I weighed in at 53kg. The lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life. I should put itinto perspective, I’m 167cm (5’8”) tall. I have long legs and most of my weight holds on my bum and thighs. My upper body generally looks thin (regardless of my weight).




On the plane, I didn’t eat any plane food, I prepared my food, still on 1000 calories. I don’t know why I was still doing it, but I convinced myself that it was the last time. So I get to my first stop - Dubai. So excited to be there, so excited to eat. And I found myself afraid of food. I bought a bunch of healthy options, stocked up the fridge, convinced myself that I would eat breakfast and lunch at home and dinner out. My only “indulgence” was popcorn at this stage. I came to realise that I had a big problem and I had to overcome it quickly! I started eating more, enjoying more. I was trying to breakthrough, but found myself feeling guilty for eating, and felt I had to compensate. I was at the gym everyday still.

My next stop was Italy. Italy was hard for me. Like really hard. Hardly any vegan options, unless you liked pizza and pasta, and I wasn’t ready for carbs like that. So I didn’t eat much in Italy. I had one night of pizza and one night of pasta and 2 gelatos. The rest was relatively clean. I recall one time there were no options for me except for a focaccia and I struggled accepting it, I felt so guilty for eating bread. In Italy, I didn’t have access to a gym most days, so I had to work out from wherever I was, and this made me feel even worse because I felt like I was eating too much and not exercising enough. When I look back on how my body looked in Italy, I feel like crying. We were doing so much walking everyday (sometimes hiking also) that it was making up for all the gym sessions I was missing. I was hungry a lot in Italy.

Then there was Greece. Thank God for Greece. I don’t know if it’s because my roots are in Greece, but all the Greek Gods looked after me in Greece. It was like a breath of fresh air. Greece has so many vegan options. I could eat so much. I had access to a gym everyday, so I was happy with that. And so I indulged. I bought all the food. I ate out. I was so happy, I finally felt free. But imagine being deprived of food for so long and then suddenly being in a candy store. I didn’t know how to stop myself. It was like I had never seen food before in my life. And so my bingeing pattern started. I would eat so much food, making me feel so sick. I wanted to try EVERYTHING. And not just that, but I wanted so much of everything. So I ate and ate and ate.

When I got home, I was so happy to be back. I felt like I could finally get back on track. That day, we celebrated with my family, and ate pizza and dessert. I felt so happy to be back to a place where I felt safe.

I no longer wanted to live with restrictions. And so, for the next few weeks, I ate anything and everything. Nothing was off limits. I enjoyed it all. I wasn’t counting calories at all and just flowed with life. I was in a good place again. But I started to notice the weight slowly creep up on me (I didn’t notice it so much in Europe because I was walking so much). And that place of fear was creeping up with it. A place I didn’t want to get to. And this is where I knew I had to start the real work on my mindset.

Right now, I’m eating a really well-balanced diet. I don’t binge, I treat myself whenever I desire, and because I don’t restrict myself, I don’t overeat. I love my body, despite it being 10 kgs heavier than before I went to Europe. I am still at the gym 6 days a week. But going much easier on my body and not feeling so much pressure to always “lift heavy”. I have started to really fall in love with my body. And I have a solid mind body connection. And with a clear mindset that I work on daily, I am able to apply intuitive eating and it is working for me.

It’s been a long journey. Trials and tribulations. But I am finally in a good place. I have a good relationship with food. I don’t obsess over it, I enjoy it, I see it as feeling me, I see it as my friend. And my body, I love it, I love how it looks, I love how it carries me, I love that it’s my vessel and I honour it accordingly. I treat it right. I move it around, keep it nourished and healthy but don’t abuse it.

I’m in a good place. And I want to share with you how I made that mind body connection, and more specifically how to listen and tune into your body so thatyou know what it’s saying to you.




Four modules delivered over four weeks. Each module is delivered with the LIVE support of Grigoria and her team! The benefit of this is that you get to mould the delivery of this course to suit your goals. You get real time answers to your questions which will lead to special bonuses and customised modules. This course is designed to provide a sustainable approach to your own well-being.


Along with the four modules, you will receive our exclusive collaboration with Eirini Kritsotelis from Shredded Fitness Academy; a 4 week exercise guide and a 4 week plant-based eating plan (recipes included). This alone is worth the investment! Both Grigoria and Eirini will be training, eating and cooking alongside you! So you will have a team full of support and guidance.


Food. Soul food. Eating from a sacred spiritual place, a place that is designed to nourish your body, mind and soul. This course is designed to reprogram your way of thinking about food. It's no longer about eating too much of something or restricting what you can eat, but instead asking yourself if you're eating enough of the right foods, the foods your body is asking for. The body's calling is spoken loud and clear, but often we can't hear the call because we have misinterpreted the Mind-Body connection (and for some of us, we lack it completely), that allows the call to be heard. This course is designed to reconnect you to your own body and see your vessel as the home that keeps you thriving in this physical world. Together, we will decide how we want to feel about food, our bodies, our souls - and we will come to realise that our souls and our bodies are BFFs!


There are so many courses on food. Mainly, "eat this, to achieve that". But that approach is inaccurate for the sustainability and longevity of our inner and outer well-being. We need to understand HOW our bodies talk to us, how to interpret what it says, and how to understand the vibration of food.

We become what we eat, just as we become what we think, say, feel and do. Everything that comes in and everything that goes out of us, is our vibrational offering. Everything is connected - and our current relationship with food and our vessel determines how we tr(eat) it moving forward.

Here in SOUL FOOD we promote a deep sense of LOVE for our vessels. We desire a relationship so nourishing that we couldn't imagine it to be anything but LOVE.

It may feel like a long journey - but it's a journey that begins in your mind. And with our guidance and support, the journey will be one of remembering who you truly are while becoming more of who you desire to be.

It's really a love story; between body, mind and soul.






Before you choose to embark on this journey you will want to know a bit more about Grigoria:



Grigoria is a marketing consultant turned spiritual entrepreneur, business and mindset coach. She is dedicated to lifting the vibration of the earth by spreading the message of light. 

Grigoria is a thought leader, entrepreneur and a creative intellect. She is able to graciously and sometimes even ferociously find the balance between the hustle and the intuitive. She is a very kind and giving soul, she genuinely cares about people and their well-being, and is always looking to help, connect and empower people. She is also strikingly driven and focused. Grigoria is filled with creative and inspiring ideas, she writes and shares from her heart and creates a magical sacred space for others to open up freely.

She's unlike anyone you have ever met. She reminds you of no one else.

A message from Gee:
My goal in life is to be one of those people who are just light. You see them and you suddenly feel so warm inside, and all you want to do is hug them. And they look at you and smile with the warmest light in their eyes... and you love them. Not in a romantic way, but you just want to be close to them and you hope some of their light transfers onto you.


My one absolute truth - something that I know for sure - that I believe to the core of my being is that IT IS ALL LOVE. Everything. We come from love and to love we shall return. And this physical journey we are on, is to remember that we are love and are here to experience love. And sometimes we get caught up with the conditions of this physical realm and forget that we are absolutely worthy and perfect as we are just because we are - and there is nothing more required of us. This is my CORE BELIEF. And this is the core belief that I would share with the world if I could only ever say one thing to you.

And my truth does not need to align with your truth. That’s something that took me a long time to bring to the surface and move through. That sometimes even the people you love more than anything in this world, don’t share your truth. And that’s ok. I honour where they are, and I also honour where I am on my spiritual path. And sometimes it’s really hard to rewrite the script for what you’ve been told your entire life. But I am my own person and my truths are for MY highest good. And our purpose here is to remember who we are. And not everyone will get it, but we don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s not on us to make anyone understand. It’s on us to make sure we understand. And through our understanding, they will come to understand.

Our expansion through our evolution is magnificent. And I don’t use words like that lightly. I truly, deeply believe in our magnificence. Today, I own my power. And I own it with grace. And stepping into my power feels incredible. I feel free, I feel loved, I feel supported, I feel worthy. And I want you to feel all of that too. That’s why I have invested in this sacred space to host this collaborative coaching experience to lead incredibly high vibe people into their power, to move through their resistance and move towards their desires, by rebuilding their sacred Mind-Body connection.

I love what I have. I love who I am. And I love who I am becoming. It’s all love. And so it is. You will walk away from this richer than you could possibly imagine. Rich in love. Rich in well-being. Rich in soul food. Rich in health. Rich in connection. Rich in life.


This course is currently available as a self-study course and all modules will be available as soon as you sign up.

SOUL FOOD is delivered over a period of 4 WEEKS
4 x Training Modules
4 x Workbooks
BONUS 4 week exercise guide + 4 week eating plan
Private Facebook Group Support

SOUL FOOD + VIP DAY will receive all of the above PLUS
1 x in-person Group Coaching Session with me (includes lunch!!)
(This VIP package is exclusive to those who live in Melbourne, as it's an in-person session)



For each module of the course, you will receive a workbook (to accompany each training video)that includes all the activities, questions, homework and resources that come up through the course. The module workbooks are designed to facilitate the learning objectives outlined in each of the module videos. They allow you to follow through with the teachings provided and are a vital component of the SOUL FOOD process.


You will receive 1 in-person group coaching session. The coaching session will be held at my house and include a home-cooked lunch by ME! The session will have a specific focus - however the session will have allocated time for you to bring questions/challenges/ideas/thoughts to the table so that we can work through them together.


The course includes 4 x Training Modules. Each session will go for approx 15-30 minutes and the replays will be made available for you to access at any time.


You will gain access to all Grigoria's tools and resources that I use to learn about food and body love. These resources will allow for additional support and clarity.


You will have email access to Grigoria during the 4 weeks for urgent questions and additional support. You can expect responses within 24 hours. However if you feel your question will benefit the collective, I recommend posting it in the Facebook Group.


You will also have unlimited access to Grigoria and the other course members through a private Facebook Group, so you can easily share resources, tools, links, stories, questions, love and support. We will also share homework via the Facebook Group.



What does it mean to truly deeply love and accept yourself? Find out how to fall in love with even the deepest parts of yourself and reconnect with your body. We begin this course with a journey into understanding the importance of a mind-body connection, how we have morphed it and how to bring it back to life - understanding what's at our core and unlearning all the limitations and conditions about food and our bodies, that we have accumulated throughout our lives. This module also dives deep into the understanding of Intuitive Eating. Once you have re-established your mind-body connection, you are able to hear the calling from your body, allowing you to eat intuitively. Your inner guide always leads you, now is no different. This will be your opportunity to listen and tune in to your body so you can know exactly what she's saying. This module is full of breakthroughs.


We want it all! We want to love our lives, love our bodies, love our souls, love everything!! And now we are going to bring it all to life. We are going to fall in love with food. Food has already fallen in love with us, and now we have to honour those feelings and treat food accordingly. This module is full of important resources, such as a meal prep video, recipe video, recipe eBook, a video on the vibration of food (this will absolutely change your perspective of food, medicine and your Divine Vessel FOREVER!!), a shopping list and so much more!! By far my favourite module, that will have you obsessed with your kitchen, your fridge, your pantry and most importantly, your vessel!!


Ok, so now we understand and have reclaimed our Mind-Body connection, we have fallen in love with food (and all that comes with that deep love), and now it's time to finally fall in love with our bodies! We chose our vessel, we wanted this specific one, we knew that it was the perfect home for our souls and only this one would be suitable. And yet, we often find ourselves speaking to our vessel in such a way that you would never speak to another person. And our vessel hears our words (through the vibration attached to them) and responds at a frequency that matches that vibration, justifying the words we spoke initially. And the cycle never really ends. Now it's time to break the cycle and embrace body empowerment! We are going to treat our vessels like the superstars they are!! They allow us to live FULLY in this physical world, and we are going to learn how to honour them, move them, embrace them, love them and most of all celebrate them!! There is NOTHING shameful in the way our vessel appears, we alone determine how our vessel is defined. And the only truth is that our vessels are DIVINE! They are just as divine as our spiritual counterpart.


Now we embrace all that is connected to our vessels. This includes meditation, yoga, being present, listening, tuning in, grounding yourself, earthing, dancing, laughing, and everything in between. We bring everything together and make it all fun, divine, sacred and a natural part of our lives. There will no longer be a need to "try", it will become as natural to you as breathing. And if ever you find yourself falling away from this knowledge, it is here that we will provide you with the tools to bring yourself back very quickly!



"After one session with Grigoria I have gained massive clarity on my path, we went through the fundamentals of setting up a coaching program, modules and ways to maintain focus. She shined light on the ways to apply daily routine to future growth.

Throughout the session we completed tasks that truly define your end goal. 

Another big thing we discussed, was dreaming bigger than you can even imagine, really expanding your context through things such as, journaling, to open you up to new bigger and better ideas."

Troy Assoignon | Business & Branding Coach


Being in a state of allowing isn't easy - especially as we are surrounded and sometimes suffocated by the conditions of this physical world. We are cyclical and habitual creatures and breaking those patterns can be difficult. But they can be done. Because our souls are on a journey home and deep within each of us lives the truth - the truth about our mission, our message, our purpose.

I want to guide you into a state of allowing - so that it becomes easy for you to flip the switch when you find yourself at times falling back into familiar conditional patterns.

If all of this seems far too deep/spiritual/woo woo for you, then this course is not for you (this is just the sales page - so imagine what the course is like...) BUT if you are screaming F&@K YES! PREACH GIRL! then your soul has already decided that this is for you.


On top of the course, you will also receive the following INCREDIBLE bonus


This course is worth the investment for this bonus alone! We have collaborated with the talented Qualified Personal Trainer and Plant-Based Health Advisor, Eirini Kritsotelis (also known as, my sister)!

You will receive:


Both Grigoria and Eirini will work through this program with you, so you will receive real time videos, updates and meal prep ideas and inspiration!

$500 VALUE!!

"Before working with Grigoria, I had a vague idea of my business, what I wanted to do, and what that could look like. After working with Grigoria, I have 6 programs, clarity about my vision and mission, the know how to create products and services, the confidence to be authentically me and the skills necessary to stay consistent and spiritually centered throughout this entrepreneurial journey. I went from 0-100 in less than 30 days! Grigoria is brilliant! She not only supported me through my hustle in building the business, she also helped me dig deeper into the desires of my soul, giving me action steps to go forward with my Divine Mission, while also reminding me to be gentle with myself and the process. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am now, if it weren’t for everything she has taught me. I am forever grateful for working with her and know that she will help millions of others like me who are entrepreneurial, spiritual and ready to finally say yes to the Divine Work they were meant to bring forth in the world. And for that I also know that this world will be a better place. Thank you G!"

Danayra del Castillo | Founder of The Mystic Experience


You desire to tap into the deepest parts of yourself and fall in love with food and your body

You desire to feel deeply connected to yourself and fall in love with your soul and the
way in which your soul projects itself in this physical world (your vessel)

You are ready to up level your life and tune into your inner guide

You desire to understand and break through your resistance and step into the flow and ease of living the life you desire

You are willing to take 100% responsibility for your life and how you feel physically, mentally and spiritually

You want to be guided to set goals that are truly aligned with your soul, your body and what you deeply desire

You want to work with a coach that will guide you to understand the vibration of food and how it impacts your overall health and

You see the value in connecting to yourself spiritually


You don't believe that there is a higher power that lives within us that we can tap into

You don’t respond well to direction and honest feedback

You don't consider yourself "spiritual/woo woo" and aren't in the slightest interested in learning more about that world

You want a quick fix to body empowerment and love for food that doesn't involve any real work

You don't like being guided and given tools to reach your next level and up-level your life and your body

You are unwilling to work on your mindset and overcome blocks that are holding you back

You don't believe in spiritual guidance when it comes to your life and your body

You don't believe that a mind-body connection exists and/or can ever be attained




Payment plan of $133AUD per month for 4 months is also available



Payment plan of $200AUD per month for 4 months is also available


"Every interaction she has, every moment she shares, every person that crosses her path... they are all positive. She shares her spirit with you, she sends you good vibes & love while she listens to you and builds you up. She gives.. & gives it all. She doesn't hold back. She seeks out opportunities to help others & makes sure every interaction is fruitful. She is genuine, humble & understanding. She gives a piece of herself to every single person. She gives you more than just knowledge, she gives you power and she gives you the unmistakable feeling of love. She leaves you with a feeling of warmth, happiness and fulfilment. And that is her trademark."

Natasha Rus | Communications Director & Co-Founder of Creative Bar




“Thank you for being a part of my life. It does get really lonely and sometimes discouraging when people around you don’t really get what we do and even sometimes put us down. Your energy always gives me that extra push I need. I’ve been going through a lot lately but to be honest your presence, posts, energy and prayers helped tremendously. Thank you sweetie one more time and keep throwing glitter and love around for it always places a smile on my face and inspires me more than you could imagine.”


“You are such a light. I love your posts. They brighten my day. Thank you for being you and sharing your heart/love.”

“You are so awesome G, and I am grateful to have you in my life. Straight up. Many nights God spoke right to you and you would share something real quiet and sweet but super deep and it always had exactly what I needed to have just one more spark of motivation or hope. And you do that. And I’ll never forget those precious gifts and moments from your heart that changed my life. I love you. And I wouldn’t ask God to remove you for anything in the world.”


“Thank you for spreading so much love. We need a lot more of that.”


“Where on earth did you come from?! You are like a fierce lioness angel warrior type human prototype… I love what you have to say, keep it up sister.”

“I love what you do friend. This one today is resonating with me at epic proportions. Your posts are so grounding and unremarkably sensational. Feeling rather lost though the mess but your words guide me through it. Moments of the hardships build my character and I am growing what I am going through. You are the light through the dark times. Namaste. Peace and love.”


“Your words are always inspirational. A person with much wisdom has been through much adversity. Keep the positive energy going - it’s a movement.”


“Thank YOU. It is people like you who help us all see… indeed life is beautiful.”

“Without even meeting you my experience of your commitment to others feeling love is so fresh and powerful, you have an impact on me every post you make… Thank you for doing whatever it took to get to where you are today, you really are loved and please always remember exactly who you are at the core. I appreciate your vulnerability about your meltdown as it shows transparency and so relatable with me even as a man.”


“G you are a blessing in my life. You are inspiring.”


"Dude, as soon as I listened to your style... I was hooked."



The SOUL FOOD course runs for 4 weeks - at the moment it's a self-study course and you will receive access to all modules as soon as you sign up. Throughout the 4 weeks, you will have access to 4 Module Videos (one each week). In between the Module Videos and content you will have access to Grigoria through email and a private Facebook Group. You will also receive Module workbooks for each Module (these are EXTREMELY useful and will add a deeper dimension to the course and the way in which you absorb the information). The workbooks will be available for download on the course Module pages. You will also receive a BONUS section (available from Week One), which includes a 4 week exercise guide and a 4 week eating plan (with recipes), which is in collaboration with Personal Trainer and Plant-Based Food Advisor, Eirini Kritsotelis (my sister)!


During the 4 weeks, Grigoria will be available via the Facebook Group and email for any and all questions, follow ups, shares, etc. that you may have. It is very important to Grigoria that you receive the guidance that you require and thus she has made herself available during the course. Please note, that this course is self-study, so each of you will receive a different experience and you will make it what you desire to make it, but Grigoria will be there to support you and guide you along the way.


Grigoria has been a plant-based vegan for almost two years now, and it was by far her best life decision. During the course she will share about the vibration of food and how we literally become what we eat. The entire SOUL FOOD course promotes a plant-based diet, HOWEVER, if you choose to include other items in your diet, this is 100% YOUR DECISION, and our number one goal in SOUL FOOD is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Your body always talks to you and it is your job to listen (Grigoria helps you do this during the course).


Absolutely, if you feel that you would prefer to pay off the investment in instalments, we can accommodate that. The current payment plan available for SOUL FOOD is 4 monthly payments of $133AUD (available as an option underneath the payment section of this page). The current payment plan available for SOUL FOOD VIP is 4 monthly payments of $200AUD.


This course has been designed to accommodate Intuitives - those who are open to the spiritual practices associated with the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. If you do not define yourself as "spiritual"/"woo woo", you will still benefit from this course, but you may find some of the concepts "other worldly" - if you are open, I implore you to explore it, if you aren't so open to these new age (moreso "old age" ideas, then I wouldn't recommend taking part in this course).


I want to make sure only those who are 100% ready to work with me and a group of incredibly high vibe people in a collaborative sacred space end up signing up for SOUL FOOD, so that is why I have set the intention to attract only those who are aligned with my message and the transformation process I outline here on this page. I speak my truth so that you know if you resonate with my message. Once you are in the program and the course and training sessions have started, you are unable to receive a refund as it is sold as a complete package and you will receive resources instantly. If there are unforeseen circumstances that occur in your life, like illness, etc. we can make arrangements - but this is at the discretion of Grigoria.


Feel free to contact me at and I will happily answer all your questions.