This is an open letter to my clients, because this is what you really want to hear anyway...

I've been running my 1:1 coaching program since I started coaching years ago, and out of all the programs I offer, this package is by far the most rewarding and transformational. And I can offer you a whole webpage dedicated to the benefits of coaching, along with the expected results, and even what to expect from your coaching experience. I can even outline all the systems and tools I use to help you transcend beyond your limiting beliefs while simultaneously reprogramming your subconscious mind, but that's not what this work is. This work is about tapping into the UNKNOWN, tapping into the SUBCONSCIOUS, uncovering what is WITHIN each of us; all the things that are UNIQUE to each of us, it's about REFRAMING how we have previously perceived this world and allowing ourselves to now see things differently, and the byproduct of that is an unmeasurable SHIFT within us. And there is no cookie cutter system that works for everyone. It will be a completely independent experience for everyone. And the truth is that that's what we all want anyway.

I have made the decision to make this the last year that I offer 1:1 coaching. I may change my mind at a later date, but for now this is what aligns with me, as I move into a different style of teaching and holding space. But I know that there are still many of you who want this opportunity to work with me 1:1, so this is my transitional period, where I will continue holding sacred space for you and your expansion.

My intention for this program is not as important as the way you receive the program. And that's why my focus is on creating a safe, sacred space for you to release, transcend, grow and realise. Together we RELEASE what is no longer serving, what we have carried as heaviness (even from past lives), we TRANSCEND any walls and limiting beliefs, realising that the blocks we face were self-imposed and a byproduct of our misguided thoughts (while simultaneously honouring how that contrast gifted us expansion and forgiving ourselves for suppressing the shadows that would set us free), we GROW into the people we already are, using energy and vibration to co-create and change the atmosphere (with a sprinkle of Quantum Healing) and then we REALISE that everything already has a vibrational frequency, and we aren't creating more of what isn't, but rather expanding what already is (using the Laws of the Universe).

Working with me isn't about changing who you are, or changing your environment, it's about shifting our perspectives so that our perception of what already is mirrors that of love, joy and alignment. Remembering that any discord we feel is only there because we are out of alignment with ourselves. But also recognising that the discord offers us an opportunity to self-reflect and reframe. The discord teaches us, and we are not to offer it any judgement, but instead gratitude for the opportunity to expand. Illumination is usually all that's required to transcend.

And I don't play the fear marketing game - you don't need me, but with me, we can move through this faster - that's all. And if you've read this far, this is answering YOUR call. With my whole heart, I want you to realise the love that you are. 10 weekly 1 hour calls over 10 weeks, with me, and access to Book of Light (the course I created exclusively for my 1:1 clients which grants you access to ALL of my teachings).

You already know intuitively if this is for you.

I love you.

 - Gee





My goal in life is to be one of those people who are just light. You see them and you suddenly feel so warm inside, and all you want to do is hug them. And they look at you and smile with the warmest light in their eyes... and you love them. Not in a romantic way, but you just want to be close to them and you hope some of their light transfers onto you.


$5555 USD

Payment plan OPTION ONE: $1111 USD per month for 5 months is available
Payment plan OPTION TWO: $555.50 USD per month for 10 months is available




“Thank you for being a part of my life. It does get really lonely and sometimes discouraging when people around you don’t really get what we do and even sometimes put us down. Your energy always gives me that extra push I need. I’ve been going through a lot lately but to be honest your presence, posts, energy and prayers helped tremendously. Thank you sweetie one more time and keep throwing glitter and love around for it always places a smile on my face and inspires me more than you could imagine.”


“You are such a light. I love your posts. They brighten my day. Thank you for being you and sharing your heart/love.”

“You are so awesome G, and I am grateful to have you in my life. Straight up. Many nights God spoke right to you and you would share something real quiet and sweet but super deep and it always had exactly what I needed to have just one more spark of motivation or hope. And you do that. And I’ll never forget those precious gifts and moments from your heart that changed my life. I love you. And I wouldn’t ask God to remove you for anything in the world.”


“Thank you for spreading so much love. We need a lot more of that.”


“Where on earth did you come from?! You are like a fierce lioness angel warrior type human prototype… I love what you have to say, keep it up sister.”

“I love what you do friend. This one today is resonating with me at epic proportions. Your posts are so grounding and unremarkably sensational. Feeling rather lost though the mess but your words guide me through it. Moments of the hardships build my character and I am growing what I am going through. You are the light through the dark times. Namaste. Peace and love.”


“Your words are always inspirational. A person with much wisdom has been through much adversity. Keep the positive energy going - it’s a movement.”


“Thank YOU. It is people like you who help us all see… indeed life is beautiful.”

“Without even meeting you my experience of your commitment to others feeling love is so fresh and powerful, you have an impact on me every post you make… Thank you for doing whatever it took to get to where you are today, you really are loved and please always remember exactly who you are at the core. I appreciate your vulnerability about your meltdown as it shows transparency and so relatable with me even as a man.”


“G you are a blessing in my life. You are inspiring.”


"Dude, as soon as I listened to your style... I was hooked"