- 2018 -



Ninety days of group masterminding. Collective and collaborative up-leveling.


You will work 1-1 with Grigoria and be mentored every step of the way - you will have constant Facebook Group access to Grigoria. You will receive 1 x 1:1 Coaching Session per month.


This package is unlike most coaching packages as Grigoria is also a Marketing Consultant. So this package is a blend of coaching practices and consulting methods. You will receive the best of both worlds.

Consulting is quickly becoming one of the leading tools and strategies that successful people are using in order to enhance their lives further and allow them to lead extraordinary lives. 

The consulting relationship is a partnership – an equal relationship - allowing you room to move yet be accountable so that you can be the kind of person that you would like to be, to achieve the kind of life and work that you would like to have and to achieve the goals that you would like to meet.


I have created a brand new intention-focused Mastermind for 15 lucky people.

I’m so thrilled about this because it was 100% Divinely led. I asked God to guide me throughout the unfolding of this - and it literally poured out of me. Nothing was forced - it all came with ease; as though the currents of the Universe were flowing through me as to deliver a powerful message to those who are ready to go deep and open up to who they really are.

I no longer question my mission because it is very clear as to what I’m here to do and I know you’re reading this and you feel insanely connected to my message, and probably to most of my messages - and that intuitive nudge is the Universe guiding you and the Universe rewards speed - feel it, decide, take action, repeat. If you don’t feel it - then it isn’t for you and I honour that. But if you do feel it, I want you to decide. I want you to decide if you want to feed the person you’ve always wanted to be or if you will feed your fears.

I fed my fears for far too long. I didn’t invest in myself, I played it safe, I hid behind pretty pictures and nice-sounding posts, I didn’t believe I had the power to create the life I was dreaming of… And then I surrendered. I surrendered to life, to God, to the Universe, to the ebb and to the flow, to the wind, to the sea, to the salt, to it all.

And nothing has ever been the same.

I want you to feel all of this too. I want you to open up, to bloom in a way that you’ve yet to experience - a way that’s begging to come to life.

You are standing on the edge of it all - are you willing to fly…?

My Mastermind WILL SELL OUT - and I want YOU to be there!






Before you choose to embark on this journey you will want to know a bit more about Grigoria:



Grigoria is a marketing consultant turned spiritual entrepreneur, business and mindsetcoach. She is dedicated to lifting the vibration of the earth by spreading the message of light. 

Grigoria is a thought leader, entrepreneur and a creative intellect. With years of experience in both the marketing world and the small business world, Grigoria has built a successful career through numerous entrepreneurial endeavours. Having been the owner of a number of successful small businesses she understands firsthand what is required to build a business and what it takes to be successful. 

With multiple degrees and diplomas in Marketing and Management Grigoria has the knowhow and expertise to effectively build and grow a business whilst having the passion to share her knowledge with others and build a community of like-minded successful entrepreneurs. With a strong work ethic, attention to detail and a flourishing creative nature, Grigoria is able to creatively work with clients in a way unlike other business professionals, and think outside the box to provide people with unique and distinct solutions. Grigoria is a skilled and driven individual who approaches every project with passion and creativity.

Grigoria is also the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Creative Bar Marketing Consulting Agency.


My one absolute truth - something that I know for sure - that I believe to the core of my being is that IT IS ALL LOVE. Everything. We come from love and to love we shall return. And this physical journey we are on, is to remember that we are love and are here to experience love. And sometimes we get caught up with the conditions of this physical realm and forget that we are absolutely worthy and perfect as we are just because we are - and there is nothing more required of us. This is my CORE BELIEF. And this is the core belief that I would share with the world if I could only ever say one thing to you.

And my truth does not need to align with your truth. That’s something that took me a long time to bring to the surface and move through. That sometimes even the people you love more than anything in this world, don’t share your truth. And that’s ok. I honour where they are, and I also honour where I am on my spiritual path. And sometimes it’s really hard to rewrite the script for what you’ve been told your entire life. But I am my own person and my truths are for MY highest good. And our purpose here is to remember who we are. And not everyone will get it, but we don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s not on us to make anyone understand. It’s on us to make sure we understand. And through our understanding, they will come to understand.

Our expansion through my evolution is magnificent. And I don’t use words like that lightly. I truly, deeply believe in our magnificence. Today, I own my power. And I own it with grace. And stepping into my power feels incredible. I feel free, I feel loved, I feel supported, I feel worthy. And I want you to feel all of that too. That’s why I have invested sacred space to host this collaborative coaching experience to lead 15 incredibly high vibe people into their power, to move through their resistance and move towards their desires.

What I love most about our evolution, is now that I know the truth, now that I know that I am love, and everything is love, it’s easy to feel worthy despite the likes, followers, subscribers, clients, income, packages, friends, shares I have. I am worthy. You are worthy. Worthy of everything that calls us, worthy of everything that makes us feel alive, worthy of anything we decide to ask for. And we receive with ease, we allow it to flow to us gracefully and abundantly because our love, our worth and our gratitude are enough reasons for us to have it all.

I’ve held back sharing so much of my truth because I was afraid people would think I’ve lost the plot. And you probably feel the same. And maybe people may still think that. But I no longer care. And nor should you. Because if even one person is inspired to love themselves deeper because of something I’ve shared - then I’ve done my job. Are you ready to live up to the responsibility that lives inside your mind?

I love what I have. I love who I am. And I love who I am becoming. It’s all love. And so it is. You will walk away from this richer than you could possibly imagine. Rich in love. Rich in abundance. Rich in soul connections. Rich in ideas. Rich in inspired action. Rich in life.


THE MASTERMIND is delivered over a period of 90 days (3 months).
2 x LIVE Training Modules per month
1 x 1:1 Coaching Session with me per month
Unlimited Private Facebook Group Support
Free access to ALL offers I release between January and March
(including "Allow More" - a course about allowing more space for the things and
feelings you desire,which will be released in February)

THE VIP MASTERMIND will receive all of the above PLUS
1 x BONUS 1:1 Coaching Session with me per month


Upon commencement, you will receive a welcome pack that describes in detail how our relationship and the collaborative relationship will work throughout the 90 days. It will also include some creative activities to provide you with an insight about how our sessions will run. Included is your coaching agreement with all the package details.


You will receive 1 x 45 minute 1-1 coaching session per month over the 90-day period. Each session will have a specific focus - however every session will have allocated time for you to bring questions/challenges/ideas/thoughts to the table so that we can work through them together. The sessions are an opportunity for you to go deeper with topics that come up in the group sessions.


The Mastermind includes 2 x LIVE Training Modules per month. Each session will go for 60-120 minutes and the replays will be made available for you to access at any time during the 90 days.


You will gain access to all Grigoria's tools and resources that I use to grow my business. These resources will allow for additional support and clarity. Including my spiritual practices.


You will have email access to Grigoria during the 90-day period for urgent questions and additional support. You can expect responses within 24 hours. However if you feel your question will benefit the collective, I recommend posting it in the Facebook Group.


You will also have unlimited access to Grigoria and the other Mastermind members through a private Facebook Group, so you can easily share resources, tools, links, stories, questions, love and support. We will also share homework via the Facebook Group.



The most common reoccurring themes I come across are lack of clarity OR imposed limitations (aka "blocks").
During this month we will work to discover what they are and how we can overcome them.


This month we will transform your physical desires into spiritual beliefs.
This important shift in perception will be the beginning of the transformation of your desires (and goals) into manifestations.


How can you take our 90-day intensive coaching and consulting sessions and apply the key principles to the rest of your life?
This month we will work through some of the best spiritual practices that I have found to significantly strengthen connection to self and better project the reality you desire.


Throughout the 90 days we will take some serious intuitive and inspired action. We will lead with love and we will align with our truth and build some amazing foundations for our businesses. For some it may be a new course, for others it may be some new offers, or a finished book, or a YouTube series. Whatever it is, you will leave having taken action and also the platform to continue to take inspired action in your business.


"After one session with Grigoria I have gained massive clarity on my path, we went through the fundamentals of setting up a coaching program, modules and ways to maintain focus. She shined light on the ways to apply daily routine to future growth.

Throughout the session we completed tasks that truly define your end goal. 

Another big thing we discussed, was dreaming bigger than you can even imagine, really expanding your context through things such as, journaling, to open you up to new bigger and better ideas."

Troy Assoignon | Business & Branding Coach


Every year I take on no more than 10 1-1 clients. This is because I am dedicated to your growth and I invest a lot of time and resources making sure I guide you to achieve your goals.

There are thousands of consultants or coaches you could work with, but for whatever reason, you are still on this page, contemplating working with me. 

Now of course, I want to do what I can to help you get over the line, BUT more importantly, I want your decision to come from an intuitive place.

If you are here right now and you are thinking, "ummm... I'm not sure about this... maybe... I don't know..." then the answer is simple - this probably isn't for you. BUT if you're here right now and you're thinking, "I NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I want to work with Grigoria and I can't stop reading every detail" then the flame within you has already made the decision.  


On top of The Mastermind, you will also receive the following bonuses


You will gain access to my 6 week group coaching program "Divine Intervention - Out of your head and into your heart. Business with soul", where we embark on a spiritual journey of prayer, energy, laws of the universe and self-awareness.

$497 VALUE

You will gain access to my 5 week group coaching program "Allow More" - Be More. Do More. Ask for More. A course about allowing more space for the things and feelings you desire. This course will be released in February 2018 and delivered LIVE, but each member of The Mastermind will receive free access to the course.

$444 VALUE

"Before working with Grigoria, I had a vague idea of my business, what I wanted to do, and what that could look like. After working with Grigoria, I have 6 programs, clarity about my vision and mission, the know how to create products and services, the confidence to be authentically me and the skills necessary to stay consistent and spiritually centered throughout this entrepreneurial journey. I went from 0-100 in less than 30 days! Grigoria is brilliant! She not only supported me through my hustle in building the business, she also helped me dig deeper into the desires of my soul, giving me action steps to go forward with my Divine Mission, while also reminding me to be gentle with myself and the process. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am now, if it weren’t for everything she has taught me. I am forever grateful for working with her and know that she will help millions of others like me who are entrepreneurial, spiritual and ready to finally say yes to the Divine Work they were meant to bring forth in the world. And for that I also know that this world will be a better place. Thank you G!"

Danayra Vera | Founder of The Mystic Experience


You are willing to commit to whatever is required to turn your goals into plans

You are willing to set goals and work hard to achieve them

You are ready to up level your life and your business and desire to be completely in love with both

You are comfortable with taking direction and being provided with honest feedback

You are willing to take 100% responsibility for your life and your business

You want to create a positive impact on the world and desire to serve

You desire to work with a creative coach to guide you in the most impactful and efficient way possible

You see the value in connecting to your self spiritually and you believe in the power of unearthing your desires


You’re looking for a quick fix and way to make lots of money

You don’t respond well to direction and honest feedback

You aren’t interested in long term goal setting and strategic planning

You aren’t committed to a growth strategy over an extended period of time

You don’t understand the concept of value or don't think it is important to give to your consumers

You are unwilling to work on your mindset and overcome blocks that are holding you back

You are unwilling to commit to homework and implement the tactical work required to turn your goals into plans

You don't believe in spiritual guidance when it comes to your life and your business



Payment plan for $1111AUD per month for 5 months is also available



Payment plan for $1888AUD per month for 4 months is alsoavailable


"Every interaction she has, every moment she shares, every person that crosses her path... they are all positive. She shares her spirit with you, she sends you good vibes & love while she listens to you and builds you up. She gives.. & gives it all. She doesn't hold back. She seeks out opportunities to help others & makes sure every interaction is fruitful. She is genuine, humble & understanding. She gives a piece of herself to every single person. She gives you more than just knowledge, she gives you power and she gives you the unmistakable feeling of love. She leaves you with a feeling of warmth, happiness and fulfilment. And that is her trademark."

Natasha Rus | Communications Director & Co-Founder of Creative Bar




“Thank you for being a part of my life. It does get really lonely and sometimes discouraging when people around you don’t really get what we do and even sometimes put us down. Your energy always gives me that extra push I need. I’ve been going through a lot lately but to be honest your presence, posts, energy and prayers helped tremendously. Thank you sweetie one more time and keep throwing glitter and love around for it always places a smile on my face and inspires me more than you could imagine.”


“You are such a light. I love your posts. They brighten my day. Thank you for being you and sharing your heart/love.”

“You are so awesome G, and I am grateful to have you in my life. Straight up. Many nights God spoke right to you and you would share something real quiet and sweet but super deep and it always had exactly what I needed to have just one more spark of motivation or hope. And you do that. And I’ll never forget those precious gifts and moments from your heart that changed my life. I love you. And I wouldn’t ask God to remove you for anything in the world.”


“Thank you for spreading so much love. We need a lot more of that.”


“Where on earth did you come from?! You are like a fierce lioness angel warrior type human prototype… I love what you have to say, keep it up sister.”

“I love what you do friend. This one today is resonating with me at epic proportions. Your posts are so grounding and unremarkably sensational. Feeling rather lost though the mess but your words guide me through it. Moments of the hardships build my character and I am growing what I am going through. You are the light through the dark times. Namaste. Peace and love.”


“Your words are always inspirational. A person with much wisdom has been through much adversity. Keep the positive energy going - it’s a movement.”


“Thank YOU. It is people like you who help us all see… indeed life is beautiful.”

“Without even meeting you my experience of your commitment to others feeling love is so fresh and powerful, you have an impact on me every post you make… Thank you for doing whatever it took to get to where you are today, you really are loved and please always remember exactly who you are at the core. I appreciate your vulnerability about your meltdown as it shows transparency and so relatable with me even as a man.”


“G you are a blessing in my life. You are inspiring.”


This coaching package runs for 90 days (3 months) - starting from the start of the upcoming month. Throughout the 90 days, we will schedule 9 coaching calls. In between the calls you will have access to your coach through email and a private Facebook Group. You will also receive weekly check-ins via the Facebook Group to keep you accountable. If at the conclusion of the 90-days, you would like to extend your coaching package, you can discuss this with your coach.


Grigoria is a Marketing Graduate and has had years of industry experience in small business, corporate business and entrepreneurial marketing (both online and offline). Coaches do not require any official certifications to conduct coaching, where as consultants do need to have degrees in their chosen field. Coaches will likely coach you through processes and different approaches to achieve your goals, where as consultants will formulate an action plan with you to take you step by step through the building process. Depending on where you are at with your life and your business, will determine who would be more beneficial to you. We love coaches, and there is a lot of value in acquiring a coach. But we offer consulting and coachingpackages here - we have structured our package to be a combination of consulting and coaching so that you can get the best of both worlds. You will receive access to our bank of marketing and business knowledge as well as undertake coaching activities to encourage clarity and growth.


There are so many online courses that offer pre-made content ready to absorb and apply to your life and your business. We even have one here called "Divine Intervention" (a bonus when you sign up to I AM), others you might be familiar with also would be, "B School", "Be True, Brand You", etc. This package is NOT a course. Courses are designed to cater to a group of people. Courses offer a lot of general knowledge on industry topics that you then try to customise to your own business, where as this coaching package is 100% tailored for you. Each person's experience will be different because you are working 1-1 with your coach to formulate a plan that is for your life and your business only. There will be no content covered that doesn't have a direct impact on your business. We are able to filter out only what is necessary for your growth. The good news, is that, you receive Divine Intervention as a bonus when you sign up, so you will be able to gain all the general and specialised business knowledge you desire, as well as work with me 1-1 to tailor that knowledge and those processes to support your business growth and personal development.


This package is better suited for those who already know what they want to offer to the world and already have the structures in place to build on that platform. If you are very clear on what you want to deliver to the world, but are yet to create the structures to deliver, and you have the money to invest to get these structures in place, you too, will benefit from this package. If you are completely new to business, are not yet clear on your message, I recommend that you start with The Power Of The Posse (a package offered by my other business Creative Bar) first.


Good news - as all I have a wide range of experience in many industries, you do NOT have to be an online entrepreneur to benefit from this coaching package. This package is absolutely for any industry and business-type. You would however, have to be willing to put online systems in place to create an online presence.


This package has been designed to accommodate to Intuitive Hustlers - those who are a balance between the "work hard hustle" world and the "spiritual, intuitive, alignment" world. If woo woo (intuitive practices) are just not your thing, I would highly recommend checking out the packages offered over at my other business, Creative Bar. Creative Bar offers packages that are much more aligned with those who don't incorporate much woo woo into their business and life practices.


Absolutely, if you feel that you would prefer to pay off the investment in instalments, we can accommodate that. The current payment plan available for THE MASTERMIND is 5 monthly payments of $1111AUD, however the payment plan can be discussed with Grigoria to make sure you agree to a number that feels good to you. The current payment plan available for THE VIP MASTERMIND is 4 monthly payments of $1888AUD, and again the payment plan can be discussed with Grigoria to make sure you feel good about the number.


I want to make sure only those who are 100% ready to work with me and a group of incredibly high vibe people in a collaborative sacred space end up signing up for THE MASTERMIND, so that is why I have set the intention to attract only those who are aligned with my message and the transformation process I outline here on this page. I speak my truth so that you know if you resonate with my message. Once you are in the program and the Mastermind and coaching sessions have started, you are unable to receive a refund as it is sold as a complete package and you will receive resources instantly. If there are unforeseen circumstances that occur in your life, like illness, etc. we can make arrangements - but this is at the discretion of your coach. There is of course a coaching agreement that is designed to protect both you, the client and me, the coach, so that we all feel safe in this working relationship.


Feel free to contact me at and I will happily answer all your questions.