Working with your 4 Internal Empires; Soulset, Heartset, Mindset and Healthset



In lieu of a huge sale's page, we wanted to get a little more personal, and just write you a letter;

The Conscious Collective Presents...

CONNECTED: The 2 Day Virtual Event

Working with your four internal empires; Heartset, Soulset, Mindset, and Healthset

6 Expert Speakers; Carlo Cirillo, Grigoria Kritsotelis, Adriana Andelkovic, Emma Zia, Dean Blankfield and Clare Lucas

Over 2 transformational days - now available online!


This event has been curated with YOU in mind. You can expect to improve your quality of life; emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Our intention is for you to become aware and conscious of what you want in life, and to become aware of your 4 internal empires so that you can craft your conscious life and the life that you desire in an intentional way.

This 2 Day Event will offer you, not just Masterclasses but actionable takeaways to apply the processes within your 4 internal empires in a way that is serving and measurable.

We want you to feel CONNECTED. Mind, body, spirit connection. Connected to a tribe of like-minded people. Connected to experienced coaches and leaders. Connected to your inner most goals and desires. Connected to life. Connected to self. Connected to the Divine. Connected to love. And so, with that, CONNECTED was born.


Session Overview

Session 1: HEARTSET hosted by Carlo Cirillo

Session 2: HEARTSET hosted by Adriana Andelkovic

Heartset is your emotionality; so caring for your emotional health. In these Masterclasses we look at our relationship with ourselves as well as with others. You will spend the Masterclasses processing and releasing toxic emotions, healing emotional wounds and connecting to your emotional intelligence. We introduce ritualistic practices that can increase your emotional health such as gratitude, journaling, values and identity.


Session 3: MINDSET hosted by Grigoria Kritsotelis

Session 4: MINDSET hosted by Dean Blankfield

Mindset is your psychology; it’s about our conditioned and programmed beliefs and patterns. During these Masterclasses you will tap into your subconscious and conscious beliefs to understand if and where you need to reprogram your mindset. We introduce key areas in reprogramming your subconscious mind, including The Quantum Reality. Expect huge shifts during these Masterclasses.


Session 1: HEALTHSET hosted by Emma Zia

Session 2: HEALTHSET hosted by Clare Lucas

Healthset is understanding that energy is even more valuable than intelligence. Your healthset is about your vitality, energy protection and living a long life so you can serve and do great things. Energy vibrates and is ever-changing, we need to allow it to flow and not remain stagnant, so moving our vessels allows for a perfectly conducive environment for the natural flow of energy. These Masterclasses will introduce you to the ways in which you can effectively care for your physical body through breath work, Ayurveda and energy work.


Session 3: SOULSET hosted by Grigoria Kritsotelis

Session 4: SOULSET hosted by Carlo Cirillo

Soulset is connecting to your higher self and noble virtues while simultaneously remembering that you are of the Divine, and with that knowledge comes the power to intentionally create the life you desire, and more so, the life you were designed to live. These Masterclasses tap into your understanding of the "bigger picture”, and how you fit into the web. It brings together all things that preceded these Masterclasses and solidifies the foundational teachings of the former pillars. Energy is everything and everything is energy.


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